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: electronic-Architects : environmental-Architects : ecological-Architects : earthworks-Architects : e-Architects: eiroa Architects is a design laboratory studio : eiroa (celtic: "from the ground")

eiroa Architects P.C. | e-Architects is a professional licensed architecture studio based in New York City, the Hamptons (NY) and Buenos Aires with partnerships in Canada and Uruguay. e-Architects' expertise is the architecture of information.  e-Architects projects range from architecture to design, to ecology, to urbanism, to the landscape of the city, and the architecture of the landscape, smart cities and digital fabrication approaching these fields from an architecture of information through problems of representation using algorithms, visualizations, simulations, virtual environments  while continuously expanding these categories and disciplinary boundaries. e-Architects work ranges from architecture design in private and state commissions to academic research through grants, scholarships and publications. This studio has been integrating theoretical speculation and experimental practice expanding the boundaries of architecture in different associations design lead by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa.

Operatively, this studio combines the qualities of a small focused team and a medium size office, as it is also out-sourced by an international network of recognized experts from architecture, mathematics, computation, ecology, digital fabrication, landscape, and multiple design fields. This studio offers cutting edge expertise in the design and fabrication of mind bending spaces that challenge cognition. Construction is developed by implementing unique advanced techniques and materials using digital fabrication provided by an associated company in Brooklyn.

e-Architects has been involved in the development projects in South America, the U.S., Europe and the internet. In New York and Buenos Aires this studio has designed, built, published and exhibited many projects, including: an infrastructure project with the Department of Transportation in NYC, a Public Shore Park in Vicente Lopez-North Buenos Aires, and many residential buildings and houses.  

e-Architect's projects have been featured in different media. e-Architect's principals have published widely on architecture and urban matters, organized conferences and won many competitions and prizes. e-Architect's building proposal for the World Trade Center was part of the “Think Big: The Mater’s Plan”, a research group organized by the New York Times Magazine in 2002, which included world renowned architects and planners. e-Architect's projects have been also published in: ARQ Clarin, La Nacion Newspaper, Architecture In Formation, eVolo's Paradigms in Computing, PLOT, Pidgin, Systema Journal, Next Generation Building. e-Architect's practice Manifesto was part of FreshLatino at The Storefront for Art and Architecture; this studio's environmental machine for soft landscapes was exhibited at the Disenny Hub Barcelona; and e-Architects projects were presented at Pecha Kucha New York #11, as part of a series of events for the Festival of Ideas for the New City curated by the New Museum of New York City; and exhibited, among others at the MoMA and the Venice Biennale (La Biennale Di Venezia, VIII, XIX, XIV, XVI). 

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